Crochet Jacket

Hand made, bespoke for Fenda, made to measure to her specifically.

I shall be making some more for Fenda.  If you would like one for your little fluggy then please contact me.



Latest Bandanas


All these bandana have been handknitted by me.  I am happy to do bespoke colours for people.

These bandana fit small dogs from Jack Russells up to Grey hound size.

I also knit them for larger dogs on request.

I sell my bandanas for £6.00 plus postage for the UK

If you are interested to learn more please do not hesitate to contact me.



Whether you knit or crochet here are some really delightful books which will really wet your appetite.

I have just been browsing through these and could not help but share them.


Tibetan Pieces

Browsing again, finding new inspiration for my projects.

Vintage Additions



These look like they would look great on some of my projects.  I think I need to make a list of the ones I am going to buy for my own projects.  However this selection here is for your information as well.  I am sure that as a fellow crafter it is always nice when someone actually shows you what is available to you and inspires you hopefully.

Happy crafting.