Barbies new dress





Made for a client who used to live in Spain, wanted a reminder of his fun time he had in gorgeous Estepona.

Whether you want a male or female version which is just for you, to remind you of a fun time you had then let me know. We can work together or leave it to me. I check out your Facebook page to see your favourite stuff and go from there. I enjoy making them. The one above was 25£ plus post and packaging.

The dolls cost 25£ to make.

Be creative

For me knitting has become a lot more fun. I used to just knit jumpers and dresses.


I really enjoy working with a wide range of materials and developing my ideas. Knitting is my favoured platform. All my work is done by hand no knitting machines or sewing machines where my knitted and crochet work is concerned.


I do have a sewing machine I do use for other projects.


My first clown


A new contact has just sent me these


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