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Knitting old school

I have found these delightful books and wanted to share them with you. Looking different in an age where everyone seems to be wearing the same. I find it refreshing when I see people taking their own decisions to wear what they really enjoy.

In Eastbourne last year I was crossing the road and a family were all wearing early 1900’s outfits and they looked really stunning. Whether they were doing it just because they felt like it or because they choose to stand out from the rest of the population, or because they were going to a fancy dress do.   They were amazingly dressed and great care and time and detail had gone into their clothing. I was very impressed. I hope that they come back into Eastbourne again.


Vintage Knitting Patterns

I have been looking at some of these beautiful vintage knitting patterns, I must say some of them are really elegant and I think that they would fit beautifully into some of my own wardrobe needs.  I like these styles and patterns.  I have selected these at they appeal to me most.  

Crafters Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

Good morning,

If you live in and around the Eastbourne area I would love to connect with you.  I am trying to build up a network of crafters in the area and it would be great if you would contact me.  I am new to the area and as yet have only met a few who live very local to me in Pevensey Bay.  I am hoping to get together with lots of people who may be interested in having a craft fare in October locally.

You can email me directly at

or fill in my contact form.  Either way I would love to hear from you.

If you are on Facebook please contact me there too.  Sue Benson

May Project


A friend of mine gave me this different coloured jute to work with for my Birthday, I have made this beautiful hanging basket.  I enjoy experimenting with new products and designs are my own.  I am glad that many people of face book liked the project.  I am not quite sure what I am going to put into it now it is completed.  Perhaps I will buy a large candle and glass to go in to throw some light into the gazebo at night.