Left handed

I am a left handed and self taught.


If you are trying to learn to knit and you are left handed I can help you get over the basic obstacles which we face.


I also taught myself to crochet after watching other people, but because I am left handed sometimes it’s difficult to find easy ways to begin. As most patterns presume you are right handed.



Contact me if you would like some help.


My campervan



My dream is to buy myself a motorhome which I can live and work from. This just something for me in the meantime to encourage me. I am going to make some more in a wide range of colours and could make them to your colours specifications.


Recently completed


Knitted as a pair

mr mouse 2017 My mouse couple are knitted as a pair, made to order at £20.00 each.  My last couple the girl mouse had a skirt on and she looked lovely.  I can make extra sets of clothing for both mouses at £10.00 a set.mrs mouse 2017.jpg

Coats for Fenda




Fenda is wearing her coton top, which she uses as a dressing gown after her bath.  Very sweet she looks too.  Very comfortable.

nwe rainbow coat

As an experiment I used a lovely yarn for this beautiful coat for Fenda.

All are made by me.  An according to my own design on the day of making them.  Not one of them is the same.