Collectible gifts

Perfect Collectible gift



Stress Free

Learning to relax and take time to just chill from every day life is a challenge every one faces.  However I have been hunting again for some great books to use for my own crafts, as some have some great art work that lends well to being copied and used as stencils and even just using as posters and pictures in frames.  Love these books.

Hand made bags


Loom knitting

I have not done this type of knitting before but it does seem to look very similar to the cotton reel technique I learned as a child.

Here are some examples I have found today to learn a new technique or even enhance the once lost in time cotton reel adventure, I can still remember doing it and watching the cord appearing at the base of the cotton reel.  How many of you remember doing that at school?


Craft Accessories

Some items I have found that are useful for my projects.




 Girl Ballerina, for using in my toilet roll holders

 Boy doll, for my projects in my garden features.