Hats for sale by Suecaroline


My basic hat prices range from 15€ upwards, depending on the yarns and patterns.

There are some of my hats which are my own designs and hence will be more expensive.

The majority of the yarns I use in my hats is from King Cole, which I also sell.

Post and Packaging will be charged according to the location.


This is Galaxy Yarn from King Cole and I am selling this hat for 20£

suecarolinehats10This is Riot Dk from King Cole.  This is a berry type style hat for sale at 20£

suecarolinehats7This is berry hat made from bamboo cotton from King Cole.  For sale at 20£

thumbnail_20161024_074440This is one of my own designs and therefore is more expensive at 2made with DK knitting yarn I bought in Eastbourne.

thumbnail_20161024_074159Made from DK yarn I bought in Eastbourne, again my own design, for sale 25£


This hat has been made from the dk tinsel yarn from King Cole, it is one of my own designs 25£

For more information about my hats and other items I am creating, please use contact form provided.


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