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Today I have been doing some thinking about what I am going to do in the future regarding my trading and helping others to find solutions to their crafts and how they can best help sell them.

One of the biggest issues I can see is that although we enjoy making things and selling them on line, it takes time to develop a reasonable amount to call “stock” for our own websites, not everything we do is for sale to the public sometimes what I create is in fact already been asked for by someone for a particular item.

So following on from that I have today been looking at two different ways to enhance my business online, both of which can be done independently from your own sites if you should so desire, by selling direct to Ebay from a source site.

Well in order to give you the opportunity to see for yourselves I recommend you look at them.

Looking for products to sell? Use the free Inventory Source dropshipper directory and tools to automate your dropship business.

Anyone can make a sale on eBay, but not everyone can make a business out of it.

Click on the link below to find out how we can help.

==> http://www.dropshipdesign.com  – this is not available in the UK market place any longer, however if you are outside the UK it could be an opportunity for you to look at.

I have been looking at a few websites today which are selling this method and can see the benefits of it.  In the future I may also go down this line as I have found it really difficult at an Affiliate marketer to actually get anywhere, so perhaps having my own store front could make a lot of difference.  Obviously making choices of what you sell is important too.




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