Its been a while

Hi everyone.

It has been a while since I was able to access my websites.

I have been busy with getting my dogs Dylan and Fenda sorted out with  a new home in the UK. We have been having adventures with a tent and now we are in our nice warm caravan away from the rain, it is actually raining outside just now.

I would like to thank everyone who has been visiting my site even though I have not updated recently.

I was working in Eastbourne recently where I was asked to make tea cosy.  This I have now completed.  Most of you will have seen it on my facebook page Suecaroline Benson.  I have also been asked to make hats scarf and mittens out of the same yarn.  So keep watching as I slowly get my things organised again.  Working off my android phone as a internet is something I had not expected to work.  Yet yippee it does.  so now there is nothing stopping me from completing my daily tasks of keeping my websites up to date.

Feel free to browse all my sites :, and as I tam sure you will find some interesting ideas and places to go and visit in them.

Look forward to up loading the photo of the new things I am busy making now that I have not got so much housework to do.  I am glad that i have found a great tenant for my home in Spain.

I am also looking forward to visiting my friends in Norway and North Wales.  I have done Birmingham and now I have been there I do not have to go back again.  Time to more on in life now.

Have fun for the rest of the day.



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