DVD storage solution

Looking at a storage solution for my DVD collection. This holds 7 which in the scheme of things is not a lot,  considering I have well over 100 DVDs – so a lot of crocheting is going to be going on for me to find a solution for them.

This is in a good location and the door of the unit still can be opened and accessed so that is a plus.   Learning to live in a tiny space has its interesting obstacles, however in time I am sure I will get there.  My caravan is a four berth with an end bathroom with a nice size shower.  I have turned the seating end into my fixed bed and as I tend to spend a lot of my time outside in the awning and gazebo to work it is fine.  I come into the caravan to use the computer and cook and sleep.

The site I am living at is lovely, great views and lovely walks along the beach and in the fields by the river.  Pevensey Bay is a beautiful place, very unique in that it has a really charming centre and the people are really friendly and helpful.

I have met some nice people on my travels and hopefully some will stay in touch.



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