Pre Diabetes

I have recently been told to do a course on how to manage my own eating habits, to help me prevent me from getting diabetes.  It was a bit of a shock to be told that if i did not modify my own eating habits, I would be at risk of getting diabetes, so on that note I have just found this book which I hope will help me to over come my own problems.

I love to cook, even though I am on my own and find it a real challenge to really find anything suitable to eat which does not contain salt or sugar already added to it.

So now I am going to invest in these books for myself and learn a few new recipes for me to enjoy.

So that I may enjoy a new lease on life and not head down the road to a poor body weight and unhealthy living.  I have had enough of that so now I am finally going to get something done.  Hope you too can enjoy some of the offerings I show to you as I start a new journey of discovery on how to get motivated to eat right for my own health sake and not just because it seems like a good idea at the time.  I am going to stop eating comfort foods as they only in the end will cause me more grief.

If you also think you may have an issue please do go see your doctor and get some advice.  I am starting a course to learn how to be a better judge of my own diet and have some one around me to encourage me to make sure I do get it right.

I had a friend who unfortunately has Type 2 Diabetes because we did not realise that she was actually suffering from it until it was almost too late.  Fortunately for her she went home to Norway and got sorted and now she is doing very well.  However it was a real eye opener to me to realise that it is not just people with a weight problem like me, but it can also affect very slim and apparently healthy people too.  I thank God that she had got back to Norway in time to get some real help, although she has not been so fortunate as me, in that I have got back to UK and started to nip it in the bud before it gets to that state where I would be needing injections and all that goes with having Type 2 diabetes.  So do yourself a favour – if you are thinking that you too may be having a problem but not quite sure, do get medical advice as soon as possible.  I only was having an MOT on my body when they found out about the issue of high glucose in my waters, however, last test showed it was fine, but all the same, it is better to be getting help sooner rather than later.

I know that this my craft page but as a crafter who meets lots of people on my journey through life I thought it would be a good place to start.



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