My most recent creations


Hiya everyone, I have been really busy recently.  Working at a hospital part time and walking my dogs and making things.

My sister asked me if I would make some teddy bear outfits which I really enjoy making and will be making a wide range of clothing for Teddys of all sizes and shapes.

The poppy napkin holders I made for my daughter as she like poppies and for her I made place mats for dinner plates and glasses and also hot plate mats for her dishes on the table.  They are beautiful and she loves them.

The table cloth I made for an occasional table and I enjoyed making it the design is my own.

in fact everything you see on my pages are my own creations which I have developed.

I shall be in future be showing you more of what I do as I do them.

I am at present working on a project for my door of my caravan which is both useful for my dogs not to keep getting stuck and blocking out the cold and also being very decorative, this is still in the making stage, it is one of those projects which keeps growing in my imagination.



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