Pevensey Bay meeting

Today I was very disappointed as I had put in a lot of feelers over the past month to encourage people to come meet up with fellow crafers at the Ocean View Cafe/Bakery so that we could perhaps discuss the possibility of having a craft fare in Pevensey Bay open to new comers and to encourage new people to learn new skills and hobbies.  However as only myself and one other person turned up I have now decided that due to lack of interest in meeting up that I shall not be putting myself out to go sit and wait for people to show up, as people had not even bother to let me know whether they were coming or not.  I shall however be willing to meet individuals if they are serious about making more of their hobby.

A fellow member and I are going to to the next craft fare available to go check out what people are doing and perhaps even when there is another on hire a table for our own works.


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