Hi if you are interested in learning new skills then please contact Suecaroline Creative Crafts.  If you are already a skilled crafter and would like to meet up and have a crafty time with local crafters whether for coffee or just showing your works then please do not hesitate to contact Suecaroline.

Here on the blog I show my own works and others whom I find interesting.  If you are interested in learning how to develop you own blog and start writing and showing then I would be very happy to encourage you to get started. I understand that a lot of crafters I have met recently do not like social media and are overawed by the methods of promotion.  However, I have been in affiliate marketing for a few years now and have developed my own way of marketing my products and enjoy working on the social media platforms.  Communication is the name of the game and this is something I really enjoy whether it be face to face or online.

Would you like to meet for coffee and a chat, then please do contact me