Diamante Crystals

AB3 20pcs Sew on Diamante ROUND BUTTONS Sparkle Acrylic Crystal Rhinestone (29mm)

  • Bag of approx. 80 Faceted Acrylic Crystals in assorted shapes and sizes
  • Each crystal has 2 holes for sewing. They can also be stuck with glue
  • Shapes include squares, circles,

Crystals and Gems

I am focusing on Crystals and Gems today as I am looking to promote UK based companies and they have a wide range of beautiful stones and beads which I think are lovely.

AB4 20pcs Sew on Diamante SQUARE BUTTONS Sparkle Acrylic Crystal Rhinestone (13mm)

Paper Craft


I have been browsing through the Crafter Companion on Amazon.  These are just a few items I have selected so far for paper crafting, these I think my mother would have loved.  I know that my sister is also interested in working in the Paper craft arena, something I myself have not entered into just yet.  I do however love raffia and crochet in different kinds of materials so will be looking to find those from UK based companies to share with my fellow crafters world wide.




Cleaning and restoring a Vintage Singers sewing machine

A friend has asked me to restore and clean their sewing machine they had been given to them.  So am busy with the cleaning and checking the parts and sourcing their replacement parts that are missing.

I enjoy working this way too.  I have a great deal of desire to learn and develop all my skills.

However the past couple of weeks I have been nursing a very badly bruised hand and was unable to lift and move the machine, nor was I able to do much in the way of knitting nore typing.  Hence I have been very quiet.

From now on I am going to be busy preparing for October Fair and also repairing this machine and potentially another smaller model.  All fun for me.


This is similar to the one I am fixing at the moment.

Felting Tool – Heidi Feathers

I have chosen to promote Heidi today, and here are some of the tools that she is selling.  By clicking on the photos it will take you directly to where she is selling her products.

 these two are different sized tools, although they do look alike.  

I highly recommend her tools and her kits as they are well made and most importantly are BRITISH.