Recently completed



Knitted as a pair

mr mouse 2017 My mouse couple are knitted as a pair, made to order at £20.00 each.  My last couple the girl mouse had a skirt on and she looked lovely.  I can make extra sets of clothing for both mouses at £10.00 a set.mrs mouse 2017.jpg

Coats for Fenda




Fenda is wearing her coton top, which she uses as a dressing gown after her bath.  Very sweet she looks too.  Very comfortable.

nwe rainbow coat

As an experiment I used a lovely yarn for this beautiful coat for Fenda.

All are made by me.  An according to my own design on the day of making them.  Not one of them is the same.

Bespoke Crochet dogs jackets


Above is Banjo who is a cross Jack Staff and therefore had to have his jacket made just for him.  As he has a beautiful Jack face, yet a staffy body.  He was supposed to have been a miniature Jack.  However, he enjoys the new uniform he has for his own dog walking, vacations business.  For more information about that please go to Banjo Camp Terrier Ltd based in Eastbourne,.new jacket riot colours 2018

Fenda is Banjos friend and loves also to walk with others.  She is sporting one her many coats which she has had recently made for her specifically.

I use a wide variety of yarns and colours.  So if you have a specific colour in mind please send details of the dog neck size and length of body and width of the body.  Thank you.

Each coat costs £30

My quirky bulldog.


I recently knitted this little quirky piece for a friend.  They loved it.