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Bespoke Key rings

Recently made these for a client of mine.

Each of my keyrings cost £3.00.  They are knitted and sewn by hand and filled with British Standard rated stuffing, which is machine washable.

The client has also asked me to make for her the following

These guys I sell for £10.00 each.  Made to order, in colours of choice and specifications.

Dogs Rule OK

Knitted Dogs

Knits & Pieces  Knits & Pieces Knitted Coats For Chihuahuas & Other Very Small Dogs Knitting Pattern


No matter what size dog or what breed they are all deserve to be looked after like princes and princesses, they offer us so much – their unconditional love and joy to be with.  Their funny ways with their very special personalities.  So whether you are a lover of Big dogs or little ones have a brilliant day.

Discovering new places to go.

LoveKnitting I have found this great place to go.  Helping others to find resources for their crafting projects.  I am a keen knitter and am always on the look out for good resources.  As I tend to live between UK and Spain it is always good to be able get products direct to the door.  Try them and see what Love Knitting can do for your hoard of new yarns.

Just joined

great way to discover new ideas and trends.