Loom knitting

I have not done this type of knitting before but it does seem to look very similar to the cotton reel technique I learned as a child.

Here are some examples I have found today to learn a new technique or even enhance the once lost in time cotton reel adventure, I can still remember doing it and watching the cord appearing at the base of the cotton reel.  How many of you remember doing that at school?



Metal Art Work

I was browsing today for more art work which could be used to personalise my space.

I found these beautiful pieces which would be great in the space in front of my caravan on a trellis or even as a wall hanging.  I really do enjoy discovering the art and craftsman ship which is out in there.  When I find pieces I like I hope to be able share with others not only to hopefully sell, but also to let people know that the art of using our hands in a creative fashion is still alive and well in the lands.  There are many talented people about who have skills and knowledge to help beautify our spaces.  If you are not creative but would like pieces of art in your spaces you shop for them.  I try to help bring about the uniting of both the artist and the buyer.


My recent creations

Hi everyone, I have been busy recently.

I enjoy being spontaneous in my creations.  My hanging baskets are my own design and if you like them and would like to have one made for your own garden or patio then please contact me.  I could do it to your own colour scheme.  The hanging baskets cost me £5.00 to make as each one is unique.

The sweater pattern I have made recently can be found in this book.

The Country Diary Book of Knitting by Annette Mitchell ( 1993 )
Pattern for the sweater  is  –  Song Thrush and Young.

My next project out of this book will be the Willow Catkins – it too looks like a great pattern to knit.

King Cole Fashion Aran Knitting Wool/Yarn Islay 438 – per 400g ball

King Cole Fashion Knitting Yarn Aran 632 Orkney – per 400 gram ball

King Cole Fashion Aran 100g – 440 Mull by King Cole – King Cole Wool

King Cole Fashion Knitting Yarn Aran 3059 Pink – per 400 gram ball

King Cole Fashion Aran Knitting Wool/Yarn Slate Blue 96 – per 100g ball

King Cole Fashion Combo Knitting Yarn Aran 2339 Hint of Grey – per 100 gram ball

My latest knitting from here

The Country Diary Book of Knitting

I bought this book years ago and now and again  I love to make the sweaters in them.  At the moment I have just started Song Thrush and Young.  Do have a look it is  a lovely easy pattern to follow and is much fun to to.

Recently I completed the Mohair jacket and will be using it again for other ideas.  It also has a great range of toys and teddy jumpers which I have used and adapted for my teddys.  Children’s sweaters and fun things for craft fares.  Do buy it and fun with it.

Someone made these

Have you ever made your own rug, you know how much time and energy it took to make it.  I remember making one, designing the pattern and developing it, it took me about three months to put each piece of carpet rugging yarn into the pattern,  I was well pleased with the result, I do have a real passion and respect for people who make and design their own products.  However here is a product which I think would enhance anyones home.


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