Introducing Heidi Feathers – Felting Expert

Here are some of her amazing products to help you get started in Felting.   It is something I have not done before but I am always looking for new skills to learn.

So here goes with my selection of her products.

By clicking on the pictures it will take you through to where you can buy them from.  I have just chosen a few to start my adventures of helping fellow crafters with their business and hopefully this will in turn encourage others to take up felting.  I have seen some amazing work and would love to learn.  So the next opportunity I get to learn yet another skill I think this is one I would choose.



Herstmonceux – The Malthouse, Craft Shop

On Saturday, I had a very pleasant afternoon learning some new techniques for my crochet.  I was really glad I went along and got to know some new people too.

I think it is very important that if you are like me familiar with crochet but struggle with some of the more basic sometimes very simple techniques because you have never learned them then this is an excellent way to be amongst people who are willing to show you how.

There were ladies there who had been crocheting for a while like me and others who had forgotten but wanted to relearn, it was a very interesting afternoon.

In fact I am booked myself onto a class – Peyote Trifleur project – I have never done it before so it is going to be a very interesting afternoon.

For more information about what happens at TheMalthouse Contact Suzanne on 01323819216 or 07771906630.




Right up my street

This t-shirt says it all for me.  I love to be creative in both my knitting and crochet and sewing and even in my blogging so this really appropriate for me to wear.

Card Making ideas

Some interesting ideas for craters who are always on the hunt for something different to do.

I am primarily a knitter and sewer, however I am beginning to see the fun in the paper craft too.  My daughter who is a cross stitcher also is making cards using her sewing pieces,  they are delightful and I can see that in time they can be sold on my new craft stall at my first crafting event which  I am planning for October in Eastbourne, UK. If you are interested in learning more about the craft fair then please contact me directly using my contact form.


Beginners guide to selling your craft products

I have found this guide by chance, which as  BEGINNER myself at selling at craft fairs I thought it could be useful to others too.