Metal Art Work

I was browsing today for more art work which could be used to personalise my space.

I found these beautiful pieces which would be great in the space in front of my caravan on a trellis or even as a wall hanging.  I really do enjoy discovering the art and craftsman ship which is out in there.  When I find pieces I like I hope to be able share with others not only to hopefully sell, but also to let people know that the art of using our hands in a creative fashion is still alive and well in the lands.  There are many talented people about who have skills and knowledge to help beautify our spaces.  If you are not creative but would like pieces of art in your spaces you shop for them.  I try to help bring about the uniting of both the artist and the buyer.



Beautiful book

I am old school really and prefer to have a book I can refer to rather than a screen to follow. I have recently bought this book to learn how to make flowers and am surprised how clear and precise it is.

Following new patterns is always a challenge and it usually takes me a few times to get it looking just right.

I hope that with this book your flowers will also become a delight to your projects just as I am planning to use them for mine.

t present I am crocheting a table cloth for my outdoors next spring.  So it will be nice to have additional touches around my garden area to make it more special and unique to me.  I cannot have a real live garden on the camp site but I can certainly be creative and make them for my gazebo and windbreaker.

I made these for my spring garden so that my caravan area will be at least different and full of colour.



100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More by Lesley Stanfield (Mar 17 2009)