Latchet Hook – rugs and stuff

Many years ago, I sat and made my first handmade rug, it took time but I was pleased with the result, it has now gone, however I can still remember the pleasure I had in making it.  I look forward to making more as I still have the latchet hook and tools from that time.

Here is something I think you would enjoy doing.

Being able to enhance you home or small space according to your own taste is essential to your own well being.  I find craft work really relaxing and also enjoy the result of my hands.  Even have had some compliments on my most recent work.

Latch Hook Kit “Ari the Owl” 20″ x 27″
From the makers of Diamond Dotz comes an offer of a range of premium latch hook kits that are full of convenient features and crafted with quality.



Patterns to enjoy.

I have been browsing this evening and found these delightful patterns. I wanted to share them with you.

King Cole 9056 Knitting Pattern Westies Dog in Tinsel Chunky … by King Cole

King Cole Tinsel Chunky & Dollymix DK Knitting Pattern Easy Knit Chickens Hens & Chicks (9064)

—–King Cole Penguin Family Toys Knitting Pattern 9025 Chunky

Learn to Crochet

This book was given to me as a gift in 1972 which got me on the way to learn how to crochet.  Being left handed it was a bit of a challenge.  However, I am glad I have mastered the art of working with the crochet hook.  I learned the basics from this and adapted it myself for my left handed work.  It is very interesting that there is so much out there for right handed people, yet we left handers have to adapt not just our needlework but also using things like tin openers etc.  I met many left handers like me would love to have the choice of using a left handed gadget for a change.  However saying that I have the benefit of being able to use my right hand equally with my left and use the mouse and mat on the right hand side of my computer.  I iron right handed too.

Have fun with the books I have selected for you to learn how to crochet.

Below are several other books which may help to inspire you to also learn how to crochet.

I really love to see the works I have done in my home and caravan.

I met a lady recently who was impressed with what I was doing and wanted to learn more on how to learn how to do crochet herself.

Hence the reason I have got this group of books together to help others who may also looking to learn too.

Getting Started

I recently browsed through my options which I have used in the past to find ways to make money online.  I thought I would share this one with you as I think it could open doors for you in the future.  My Mommy Biz

Being interested in crafting and developing new skills this I found to be a really useful tool.  Check it out for your self.