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JUST LOOK WHERE HOBBYCRAFT ARE – AMAZING NOW REACHING WIDE RANGE OF DESTINATIONS – come on Girls we have now excuse now not to be able buy those precious items we thought we could not get because there was no were to get them from that could supply all our crafting needs.

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Mr Mouse




My latest addition for my crew on board my caravan.

I am knitting him a mate to make him a happy chappy.  I hope you like him.


My latest knitting from here

The Country Diary Book of Knitting

I bought this book years ago and now and again  I love to make the sweaters in them.  At the moment I have just started Song Thrush and Young.  Do have a look it is  a lovely easy pattern to follow and is much fun to to.

Recently I completed the Mohair jacket and will be using it again for other ideas.  It also has a great range of toys and teddy jumpers which I have used and adapted for my teddys.  Children’s sweaters and fun things for craft fares.  Do buy it and fun with it.

Hand Made Knitting

Amazon works for other knitters, here is a sample of a few that are making money using Amazon as a platform.

Hi8 Store Baby Sleeping Bag Infant handmade Knitted Crochet Knit Hooded For Newborn (White)

Handmade Infant Newborn Baby Girl Boy Crochet Knit Hat Pants Photography Props Outfits Costume Khaki

Handmade Infant Newborn Baby Girl Boy Crochet Knit Hat Pants Photography Props Outfits Costume

Koly Newborn Baby Girls Crib Crochet Handmade Knit Sock Infant Rose Prewalker Shoes 0 -12 month (Orange)

Eleery Lovely Baby Newborn Infant Girls Cartoon Handmade Crochet Knit Socks Booties Sandals Toddler Prewalker Shoes 0-12 months (Flower)

We Knit You a Merry Christmas: 20 Patterns for Festive Handmade Gifts

Baby Shoes,Amlaiworld Crib Crochet Casual Baby Girls Handmade Knit Sock Roses Infant Shoes (2)

Handmade Infant Newborn Baby Girl Boy Crochet Knit Hat Pants Photography Props Outfits Costume

My creations

This is what I do, I enjoy working with a variety of yarns and patterns, whether it be hats, dolls clothes, gloves or whatever, I really enjoy it.

if you have made something and would like to get it promoted and try to earn some money from your stock of knitted and crochet or whatever it is you have made, I can help you.  Contact me and we can find a way to help get your started.

Firstly, you will need to take photos of your products, send them to me, with your contact details and that is it, I will upload them on to this site with a full page just for you which people can just click onto and see your creations and order them direct from you.

If you would like to learn how to do it for yourself then do not hesitate to contact me.

i know that there are many who enjoy knitting and crocheting but do not know how to get them noticed and they are fed up with craft fares which do not bring in the people like they used to so – I can help you if you would like me to.


teddy1 Rose hanging basketmixed herbs basketBasil in a potRosemary basketpeacelily basket20170729_202634_resized (2)thumbnail_20161001_225419-11unnamedunnamed (1)new-bed-covergirls-jacket-made-in-kingfisher-drifter-for-babies-dk-2016